Telebay, LLC is a Telecommunications Company that has established relationships with top telecommunications providers to afford consumers with the most competitive services and solutions available. Enriching the lives of our customers and representatives is our goal: Building strong community with better communications.

Telebay has created the Telebay Online Shopping Mall to provide a unique way to help individuals and organizations gain additional funds on an on-going basis simply by having others shop at their online shopping mall. 

All Telebay products/services are made available to consumers through your free online shopping mall (listed under the "Telecom" tab).

Below is a breakdown of commissions you will receive for Telebay product/service sales made through your Telebay online mall site. 

You will find that Telebay offers very aggressive commissions for our various products and services. If you decide to register, a more detailed breakdown will be available for viewing in your Telebay Back Office, but here are some examples:

Local Phone Service - Your organization can make as much as $20 up-front (bounty) for services like Trinsic's Unlimited and Select Plans, as well as 6% residual (that's 6% of your customers monthly telephone bill for the life of the account). You also earn bounties from sales made by malls you give away (optional - see below) on all four levels ($3.50 on your first level) as well as residuals through all four levels (1% on level four). Similar commission plans exist for MCI, Spectrotel, Blue Casa and Cleartel.

Packet8 - Your organization will make an on-going residual income equating to 12% of your the customer's bill, each month for the life of the customer. As well as overrides from malls you give away (optional - see below)! We also offer $10 for each Packet8 account signed-up through your mall. Commissions for: Vonage, Lingo, Opex Internet Voice and VoipNet are revealed in your Back Office, upon registering with us!

Cellular/Wireless - Your organization can make as much as $60.00 for every wireless customer through your website! Not only are our cellular commissions aggressive, but so are our offers. For instance, in most cases we have T-Mobile promotions featuring a FREE PHONE and ACCESSORIES, plus $100 CASH BACK. Plus, we offer Liberty Wireless, a great pre-pay cellular service. We pay $15 per phone order, plus residuals! Other prepay plans include: Opex and Venture!

Telebay Broadband - Offering your residential and business clients one simple portal search to qualify for DSL, T1, Cable and Satellite broadband from over 45 providers. Your organization can make up to $200 commission per customer.


                    Telebay Online Mall Commissions

Telebay Mall - By offering the Telebay Mall shopping experience you can make big profits simply by offering your supporters with so many choices! The possibilities are endless.

How do commissions work?


In addition to Telebay's products and services commissions listed above, Telebay pays you 70% of the total profit for each online merchant sale made through your online shopping mall website.  The other 30% is used to cover website maintenance and administration fees.


Because we have hundreds of merchants and literally millions of products, we can't give you a precise commission. Some of our merchants pay anywhere from 3% to 15%, depending on the product sold. Some merchants may have an across the board, 10% commission. Some may simply pay $50 for every item sold. In some rare cases, there may be a product in a store that is not commissionable (again, those are rare). You can view both Telebay and merchant commissions which are located in the Back Office, should you decide to register.


 Earn Even More By Giving Away Free Online Malls (Optional):


Telebay offers an additional way your organization can earn funds by giving away free online malls.  If you know of other *individuals/organizations that you think could benefit from this free opportunity, simply have them register as an affiliate through your online mall website and for any purchases made through their site your organization receives commissions up to 4 levels deep.


This is optional but if you decide to give away free online malls,  you make 5% off your first level, and 2% on levels 2-4. If you have 10 malls in your downline, for instance, your commissions can really start to add up!

*You cannot sign yourself up in your own downline.  Spouse's are considered partners of Affiliate and cannot sign-up beneath Affiliate... nor can members of the same household/address. These practices are looked into by Telebay Administrators and may result in suspension or termination. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU CANNOT BE YOUR OWN CUSTOMER! By all means, sign-up these various services through your own Telebay Website and become your own customer.






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